Fiscal Representation

VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland

Is your company not based in the Netherlands, but does it use the Netherlands as a logistics hub? Or does your company import goods into the Netherlands? In that case, your company may benefit from appointing a tax representative or it may even be mandatory to appoint a tax representative.

From our subsidiary, AT Fiscal Representatives Holland BV, we first of all advise what (VAT) tax representation means for your company. Thereafter, we take care of a prosperous realization of your VAT and, if necessary, customs registration. After our appointment as your fiscal representative in the Netherlands, and after having obtained your VAT number and customs (EORI) number, you can start trading in the EU. VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland B.V. takes care of your administrative VAT obligations (for imports, local deliveries, intra-Community deliveries / ‘intra-Community deliveries’, export deliveries and deliveries within a VAT warehouse).

“Our services concern taking care of your VAT compliance.”

Our tax representative services

VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland BV

Through our subsidiary VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland BV we provide tax representative services for foreign companies established both within and outside of the EU. VAT Fiscal Representatives Holland BV has an excellent reputation with the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (TCA: Belastingdienst) and is eager to keep this reputation. Our clients include internationally operating companies established in the United States, Brazil, Romania, Finland and Germany.

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Benefits of having a tax representative

VAT is an important consideration for companies from within and outside of the EU. After all, when goods are imported into the Netherlands or another EU member state, customs duties must often be paid and (import) VAT must always be paid (in the Netherlands: 6% or 21%, depending on the goods concerned). The VAT can (usually) be claimed back from the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (TCA: Belastingdienst), but customs duties cannot.

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