Customs & international trade

We are specialists in the area of customs & international trade. Our expertise also extends to matters connected with customs & international trade, such as excise duties & consumer tax and customs-related VAT aspects, such as “import VAT”. Please contact us if you’d like a more detailed explanation of our services in this area.


The Netherlands is part of the European Union (EU). The EU is a “customs union”, which means that the entire EU area is a single customs area. When an international company takes goods from a non-EU member state to the EU or from an EU member state to a destination outside the EU, this company has to deal with customs regulations and usually also with (customs-related) international trade regulations.


Excise duties and consumer tax

The EU legislation in the area of excise duties does not have “direct effect”. This means that the EU legislation in this area must always be transposed into the national legislation of the different EU member states. Under the Dutch national legislation based on the EU legislation, the following goods are classed as excise goods:


International trade

The activities that we perform in the field of international trade are always related to the import, export, and / or transit of goods. In other words, they are always related to customs files.