Real estate projects

We specialise in assisting with the tax aspects of real property projects, from the planning phase to the completion phase. In the planning phase, the focus is on producing a tax plan. We check this plan for the parties concerned, to ensure that the tax outcome is correct. During the course of a real estate project, our advice is constantly updated in consultation with the client to include any changes in the situation. If necessary, we will consult with the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (TCA: Belastingdienst) to obtain specific rulings.

Projects and clients

We currently provide assistance in the area of VAT & real property transfer tax for a large number of real property projects. Our clients include:

  • Housing corporations;
  • (Project) developers;
  • Investors’ real property development departments;
  • City councils, provinces and other government agencies;
  • Foundations and associations;
  • Multi-party consortia.

Examples of projects with which we have assisted include the redevelopment of parts of mid-sized and large cities, involving from several dozen to 1000 or more dwellings. We have also assisted with many projects relating to the development of both dwellings and cultural facilities, schools, shops, offices etc., and also the construction of business parks. In addition, we have served as a co-advisor in very large-scale projects involving the redevelopment or new-build of more than 10,000 dwellings over a period of around 20 years.