We often act as a “taxation back office” for other business service providers, such as accountants, lawyers and notaries. In our specialist fields of both VAT & real property transfer tax and customs & international trade, we advise on issues that are important for the business services provided by these firms to their clients. The way this advice is given is discussed and agreed in advance with the business service provider that engaged us.

Our advice as a “taxation back office” relates on the one hand to answering questions that for us – as a specialist – are relatively minor, by giving advice by e-mail or telephone. On the other hand, we give “tailor-made advice” concerning questions of greater importance and/or complexity. Our top priority here is to ensure that our advice is optimally aligned with the client’s needs, and that the advice is communicated as clearly as possible to both the client and the client’s adviser, i.e. the business service provider that engaged us. Over the years, we have built up excellent relationships with a large number of such business service providers.