Klaas Dijkstra

Klaas Dijkstra - Btw adviseur - VAT consultant



Senior consultant VAT & real property transfer tax

Klaas Dijkstra has worked for more than 30 years in the area of VAT & real property transfer tax. During those years, Klaas has gained a great deal of specific and general experience and knowledge. The specific topics on which he often gives advice include the tax aspects applicable for housing corporations, hospitals and government agencies. He is also an expert in assistance with tax aspects of real property projects and in tax advice within the water sports sector, as a preferred supplier of the sector association HISWA. He has also given many lectures on VAT and other tax-related topics, is the author of various books on tax subjects, and writes regularly in specialist tax journals.

Klaas obtained his doctorate in Business Economics at Erasmus University Rotterdam in 1979. He then took a two-year post-doctoral course (in VAT & Customs) of the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (TCA: Belastingdienst) in Leiden, partly at the TCA and partly at the Faculty of Law at the University of Leiden. He worked as a VAT Inspector in Rotterdam until 1 April 1988, with an interruption of six months’ employment as a Customs Inspector in The Hague. For three years he was also a part-time lecturer on VAT for the State Accountant training course.

In 1988 Klaas moved to the consultancy practice of Paardekooper & Hoffman, where he established the VAT & Customs section. From 1990 he was a partner at Paardekooper & Hoffman. Since 2000 he has been an independent consultant in VAT & real property transfer tax (and customs, to a lesser extent), now under the name DHK.

Klaas is a native speaker of Dutch, is fluent in English and has a good command of German.

Klaas Dijkstra
Phone: +31 10 205 36 10
E-mail: dijkstra@dhk-taxandlegal.nl