Kees van Oosten

Kees van Oosten - douane adviseur - Customs consultant

Senior consultant customs & international trade

Kees van Oosten has more than 30 years of specific experience within the area of customs. As a specialist in customs & international trade, Kees gives advice on topics including customs planning options, reduction / management of customs compliance costs, identifying and reducing customs risks, international trade topics and other – customs-related – taxes (e.g. excise duties & consumer tax and VAT). He also performs checks in the area of customs & international trade and conducts proceedings with Dutch Customs and at the Dutch tax court and the European Court of Justice.

During the period from 1981 through to 1996, Kees worked at Dutch Customs in various positions. From 1986 to 1988 he took the auditor training, after which he worked for many years in the issuing and auditing of administrative / simplified customs and excise rulings within the Rotterdam customs region. He was also the author of several sections of the Customs Manual and worked as a part-time lecturer at the internal training institute of the Dutch Tax & Customs Administration (TCA: Belastingdienst) and at the University of Leiden. He also took specific additional training courses in the area of EU export refunds for agricultural products and became a qualified EDP specialist. In 1995 he moved to consultancy practice, as a consultant in customs & international trade at Arthur Andersen (1995-1997), followed by Bell Davies (1997-2000) and Pals & Van der Laan / Mazars Paardekooper Hoffman (2003-2012). During the period 2000-2001 he worked as Senior Manager Customs & International Trade at Herbalife USA, after which he took a sabbatical. During this sabbatical he assisted with a number of interim customs projects in Taiwan (tariff classification) and South Korea (customs value). In 2012 Kees joined DHK as an independent consultant in customs & international trade.

Kees is a native speaker of Dutch, is fluent in English and has a good command of German.

Kees van Oosten
Phone: +31 10 205 36 15