Iris Duinker

Iris Duinker - btw adviseur - VAT consultant

Consultant: VAT & real property transfer tax

Iris Duinker has worked since mid-2009 in the area of VAT & real property transfer tax. As a tax and legal consultant, Iris’s work includes providing tax advice to clients, drawing up contracts and producing procedural documents (e.g. letters of objection, notices of appeal, notices of appeal in cassation and written pleadings). She has also written a number of articles on tax issues, particularly for the Kluwer journal “BTW Bulletin” (VAT Bulletin).

Iris has a legal background: she studied Dutch Law at Erasmus University Rotterdam, specialising in Administrative Law and International & European Law. She graduated in 2010 and decided to continue working in the area where she had already gained some experience: VAT & real property transfer tax. Her specific knowledge of Dutch administrative law and European law is clearly a plus point in this.

Iris is a native speaker of Dutch, is fluent in English and has a good command of German.

Iris Duinker
Phone: +31 10 205 36 14